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About Lisa Maurizio

Lisa Maurizio | Professor, Bates College | Classical Mythology

Lisa Maurizio is an associate professor of Classical and Medieval Studies at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. She is the author of Classical Mythology in Context and numerous articles on Greek rituals, the divinatory ritual at Delphi, and ancient women’s oral songs. Two of her plays based on Greek myths have been produced at The Boston Center for the Arts in Boston MA.


About Classical Mythology

Classical Mythology In Context

Classical Mythology in Context encourages readers to explore ancient myths and to understand them in various interpretative contexts. Rich in ancient visual and literary material, descriptions and analyses of Greek rituals, theoretical foundations, and contemporary renditions of Greek myths, this textbook is a resource for anyone interested in understanding and appreciating Greek myths.

Greek gods and goddesses–noisy, combative, seductive, and beautiful–can still be found in our world if we look and listen for them. This site is devoted to tracing their steps in ancient myths and contemporary arts.


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