The Mythologem Blog

Story, Myth & Meme

From the Greek verb mythologein — to tell a story so often and so beautifully its central meaning begins to shine through every painted or written surface where it can be glimpsed. When the storytelling becomes at last the story told, the Greek suffix ema is added to the verb to create the noun mythologem — a recurrent pattern, motif, theme, or story that carries a human heart or mind over time, seas, lands, and peoples. This blog explores mythologems in (mostly) Western classical and contemporary culture and invites readers to cross the very short distance between past and present, here and there, myth and meme.

In a true mythologem…meaning is not something that could be expressed as just as well and just as fully in a non-mythological way.
~ Karl Kerényi, Introduction to a Science of Mythology (1950)